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17.04.14  |   : How do universities contribute to the socio-economic development of our regions?, , 23 , 16:30
We invite you to a short journey into the fascinating world of universities to better understand how these higher education institution have contributed to the development of their surrounding environment for the past 900 years. Have you ever thought what is the impact of the education and research activities performed daily by universities on the regional economies? What about the expenses made by the universities and their associated agents (students, visitors etc.)? Do they generate any effects on the regional economic circuit?... ...
20.03.14  |   American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy. Spring semester - April 2014
American Studies Institute of the U.S. Embassy Spring semester: April 2014 Topic: Social Movements and Political Change in the United States......
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About NaUKMA
1615 - Kyiv-Mohyla brotherhood school, later turned into Collegium, was founded

2012 - NaUKMA is a classical university with six faculties (Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences). During the twenty years since its re-establishment, Academy has initiated reforms in higher education, was the first university in Ukraine to introduce the bachelor, master and PhD programs, a curriculum in Liberal Arts Education, and a system of entrance tests

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