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NaUKMA has well established tradition of being part of diverse international Associations, Groups and Networks, both on the central and on the faculty / department levels.
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17.03.18  |   Call for applications for the virtual mobility run, Erasmus+ project Students Mobility Capacity Building in Higher Education in Ukraine and Serbia, MILETUS
The Call for applications is aimed at Master students from Partner Universities in Ukraine (including NaUKMA) and Serbia, who take an interest in the international students’ mobility programs. The mobility run is first of all targeted towards the students whose personal situation could prevent them, at this particular moment, from participation in the real mobility programs, but participation is also open for other interested students...
01.02.18  |   НаУКМА візьме участь у Програмі розвитку лідерського потенціалу університетів України від Британської Ради в Україні
Національний університет «Києво-Могилянська Академія» (НаУКМА) потрапив у список переможців конкурсу разом з 13-ма українськими університетами...
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About NaUKMA
1615 - Kyiv-Mohyla brotherhood school, later turned into Collegium, was founded

2012 - NaUKMA is a classical university with six faculties (Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences). During the twenty years since its re-establishment, Academy has initiated reforms in higher education, was the first university in Ukraine to introduce the bachelor, master and PhD programs, a curriculum in Liberal Arts Education, and a system of entrance tests

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