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Final points to remember

Letters should be in English or accompanied by a translation. If the college or university has provided a form, it should be used. If the form asks specific questions, it is important to answer them. Colleges and universities usually request that the letter writer send the letter directly to the school. For this reason it is helpful for you to provide the letter writer with a stamped airmail envelope addressed to the school. In the lower left hand coner of the envelope write, "Re: Application of " This will help the admissions office put it in the correct file when it arrives.

Sometimes it is helpful to sit down with the people you have asked to write letters of recommendation and tell them about the schools or degree programs that you are applying to. The more they understand about the places you are applying to, why you have chosen those schools, and what you hope to learn, the better they will be able to describe why you are an appropriate applicant. Similarly, if you will be doing research, give a copy of your research proposal to the people who will be writing letters for you. Their letters will be stronger if they can refer to your research plans.



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1615 - Kyiv-Mohyla brotherhood school, later turned into Collegium, was founded

2012 - NaUKMA is a classical university with six faculties (Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Computer Sciences, Natural Sciences). During the twenty years since its re-establishment, Academy has initiated reforms in higher education, was the first university in Ukraine to introduce the bachelor, master and PhD programs, a curriculum in Liberal Arts Education, and a system of entrance tests

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