About Kyiv-Mohyla International Summer Institute

The objective of the first Kyiv-Mohyla International Summer Institute is to introduce students to the transformations that took place in Ukraine after 1991 from various perspectives…Read more



The Institute offers three interdisciplinary area studies courses, which will contribute to understanding how Ukraine’s‘present’ is being constructed through its past. Specifically, the sociology and politics course will examine what kind of social transformations (economic, political, social) have takenplace in the country since 1991, their historical roots and outcomes; the literature course will focus on the phenomena of “literature” and “totalitarianism”, and their (co)existence in the Ukrainian realities of the 20th century; the history course will focus on the politics of memory, and its relation to identity construction both in Ukraine, and in neighboring countries. The Institute also offers optional language instruction both for beginners, and for students who have background knowledge of Ukrainian and/or other Slavic languages.

Program structure, Fees and Admissions

KMISI program consisted of three interdisciplinary area studies courses and a Ukrainian as a foreign language course. The students may choose to register for the following study options Read more

Application deadline is prolonged till 25 May 2012.