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04.09.04  |   Seeking Health Journalists with International HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Experience
Deadline: October 4, 2004

Irving International (II) is a media development company based out of London with representation in Washington, DC. Among other subjects, a particular specialty of II is the training of journalists in developing and transitional countries. The staff has trainers and consultants with many years of experience working with such private media organizations such as Reuters, BBC and Dow Jones as well as international development experience with USAID, Foundation Open Society Institute (OSI), the European Union and the Department for International Development (DFID) of the British government.

Through extensive research, II has found that many multisectoral approaches to the HIV/AIDS epidemic exist. Ironically, few of these endeavors actively engage indigenous journalists, whose profession by definition is to examine all aspects of a situation. Irving International is searching for the health journalism expertise to set up such projects in varied countries and address the journalistic aspects of these problems.

As a beginning, II plans health journalism training that results in completed indigenous features in print, radio and television. Accordingly, II is currently seeking CVs from health journalists with international experience and have a background profiling areas such as the following:

Roles in assisting and engaging the private business sector include:
· Explaining effects of HIV/AIDS and infectious disease stigma and discrimination on workforce and productivity
· Supplying private industries with accurate information from indigenous sources
· Providing multi-national corporations with information to develop company-wide health and medical care policies
· Offering companies world-wide with information (e.g. best practices) in workplace education and prevention
· Bringing attention to legislative texts (hard law) and soft law instruments (codes of practice, guidelines, policies) dealing, entirely or in part, with HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases and the world of work (International Labor Organization strategy)
· Answering unresolved questions as an objective source about the efficacy of Public-Private partnerships (PPP) and the investments of both

Roles in Public Health include:
· De-stigmatizing HIV/AIDS diseases and those infected/affected
· Explaining effects of stigma and discrimination, especially among health workers
· Emphasizing gender aspects of the epidemic and why women are more vulnerable
· Disseminating factual information about transmission, disease progression and common opportunistic infections (e.g. tuberculosis)
· Dealing with sensitive subjects openly and mainstreaming discussion of diseases
· Showing the human face of the epidemic rather than sensationalizing it
· Providing overview of health system
· Protecting a nation blood supply
· Upholding accountability of local, governmental and international health organizations
· Discouraging corruption at every stage of drug treatment/distribution
· Ensuring efficient use of donor funding
· Bringing the local effects of the epidemic to international attention
· Showcasing the efforts, problems and successes of grassroots efforts and non-profit organizations
· Explaining aspects of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and support
· Reporting on local HIV/AIDS studies/research
· Explaining Anti-Retro Viral drugs (ARVs)

All interested candidates please
submit CVs to

Preference will be given to applicants applying by October 4, 2004.

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16.11.21  |   Мобільність до Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)
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