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To Candidate for President of Ukraine, citizen
V. Yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych!

Elections of the President of Ukraine have showed unlimited cynicism of Ukrainian executive power not only to Ukrainian people, but to the whole world. In order to push you to the post of head of the country executive power performed criminal acts of violating the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

For full three months state machine ministries, state administrations, tens of thousands of state employees without any respect to the laws has been trying to secure your victory. Your teams strategy for election campaign was to split Ukraine and create interethnic hostility.

The executive power went even further. It continued with falsification of the election results, and this is the fact known to all of us. If you have at least a minimal sense of responsibility, you have to admit it.

You have humiliated millions of Ukrainians. Only because of this you will never become such a moral authority for the nation as President should be. Your declaration that there is nothing extraordinary happening in Ukraine, which was made at a time of a deep political crises and a danger of civil conflict, has showed that you do not have qualities of responsibility and state thinking.

We, students and professors of NaUKMA, do not recognize you as our President as there is no moral and legitimate ground for this.

We want to live in democratic, prosperous, civilized Ukraine, where the Power is not in opposition to people, where the Power respects Constitution, laws, moral values and does not permit violations of citizens rights.

We respect choice of those people who did vote for you. But it was not these people who defined the officially announced results of the elections.

We hope you have no desire to become a President of lies and lawlessness. We demand from you to reject your claims to occupy the post of the President of Ukraine.

Adopted by General Assembly of NaUKMA
November 25, 2004

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