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16.07.23  |   CIVICA STAFF VISITS for the NAUKMA faculty and administrative staff members

As part of the NAUKMA cooperation with CIVICA European universities alliance and CIVICA for Ukraine project, coordinated by the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland, implementation, 3 (three) NaUKMA academic staff members and 1 (one) administrative staff member are invited to visit CIVICA partner universities from September to mid December 2023. .

Staff visits program will be held under NAWA funding to support CIVICA-Ukraine collaborative activities, develop further or establish new scientific and administrative connections.

Output of the Staff visits program Good practices in CIVICA universities

The outcome of the study visits will be the preparation of a set of good practices that can serve the wider Ukrainian university community, both in university management and academic work, and administrative processes related to student education, research and international cooperation.

Researcher or staff member will have to prepare the description of any good practice(s) in the hosting CIVICA member university in e.g.:
(1) planning better of scientific research, as well as in
(2) the organization of university management and
(3) the implementation of the main goals for managing the education workflow and international cooperation.

A description of a good practice will be a part of the agreement and has to be submitted within 2 weeks after the end of the visit.

Host institutions and numbers of the visits

There are 3 groups of the visits, depending on the duration:

1) 30-day visit, 1 slot for NaUKMA, open to to European University Institute, Italy (EUI) or Sciences Po, France only. ATTENTION! Due to the strategic partnership development between the NaUKMA and Sciences Po the preference will be given to Sciences Po.

2-3)14-day or 7-day visits:

- for researchers: Bocconi University, Italy (14 days), SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland (14 days), Hertie School, Germany (7 days), IE University, Spain (7 days), Central European University, Austria (7 days), London School of Economics, the UK (7 days) - 2 slots for NaUKMA

- for administrative staff: SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland (14 days), Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden(7 days), Central European University, Austria (7 days) - 1 slot for NaUKMA

NAUKMA staff profile expectation

ATTENTION! Please notice that if some of the CIVICA institutions are open to the scholars / administrative staff from any fields, others have defined their units / profile of the incoming NaUKMA staff, they would be ready to host.

ATTENTION! You are advised to choose 2 institutions, as the project can't guarantee your placement at the institution of your 1st choice.

Sciences Po, Paris: Oct - Nov 2023, topics to be suggested by Ukrainian partner, according to the University profile.

European University Institute, Florence: Sep Dec 2023, Economics Department; Robert Schuman Centre; History Department; Department of Law; Political and Social Sciences

Bocconi University, Milan, Italy: Sep-Mid Dec 2023, BLEST - Bocconi Lab in European Studies; a focus area on Ukraine (providing information to those fleeing the conflict and arriving in Italy and a research and dissemination element where we provide non-technical information on the war and its consequences.

SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland: Sep Nov 2023, International collaboration the SGH International Office/job shadowing; according to the University profile.

Hertie School, Berlin, Germany: Sep-Nov 2023, staff profile: public sector management, digitalisation of digital sector/regulation of digital sector, int. security (in particular nuclear security), fundamental rights, environmental economics, data science, European governance.

Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden: Sep-Nov 2023, staff profile: higher education sector/job shadowing.

IE University, Madrid: according to the University profile.

Central European University, Vienna, Austria: according to the University profile.

London School of Economics, London, the UK: according to the University profile.

Financial conditions

All the costs will be covered by SGH Warsaw School of Economics, within CIVICA for Ukraine NAWA funding, based on the agreement for expenses reimbursement to be signed before the visit.

Travel and accommodation to be arranged by the staff themselves.

Travel costs: 3000 PLN as a lump sum.

Accommodation + subsistence, depending on the number of days (+2 days for trip):

7 days - 5680 zł, 14 days 8450 zł, 30 days - 12 000 zł

Payment: 30% of the total sum will be pre-paid before the visit (two weeks before the visit) + 40% on the first day of the staff visit + 30% after the visit on the bank account

Requirements for bank account: bank account in EUR or PLN or Revolut

Deadlines and application details


for 30-day visits 29 July 2023

for 14/7 day visits 1 September 2023

Application forms:

- for 30-day visits, academic staff only

- for 14- and 7-da visits, academic and administrative staff

Questions - Larysa Chovnyuk,

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