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(Statement of Purpose submitted in conjunction with the application of Elijah F.Jones)

I am currently completing my Master's Degree in the Department of Languages at the Central European University in Budapest. Ever since I was in secondary school I was interested in languages. I've always liked to learn to talk and communicate in foreign languages. I had a rare opportunity to attend bilingual schools since I began my primary education, and so I am fluent in both Swahili and English, getting scholarships to attend some workshops a few years ago. At CEU I'm pursuing this. In addition, one of my earliest influences was my grandfather, the famous linguist Ishmael F.Jones III, who is of course best known for his work with Noam Chomsky. I believe that my background will provide me with the proper knowledge necessary to my undertaking.
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My proposed doctoral thesis topic is "Writing a Statement of Purpose: How to do it" Over the past ten years I have done extensive research in the field of Language and the application Process and have found that this is a topic on which there is a serious lack of resource material. I hope to fill this fundamental gap through my work at the University of Kalamazoo. The program at the University is especially interesting to me not only because of its worldwide reputation as a leader in the output of research on various and sundry aspects of the English language and its use but also, because of your prime location in the temperate climate of upstate Michigan and its proximity to the many invaluable resources to be found in libraries in the neighboring states of Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois. Participation in your program is interesting to me because I wish to participate in the University's long standing tradition of academic excellence.
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If you would let me maybe I'd participate in the seminars to be offered in proposals and theses in functional English. I think that these might be useful to me. I also want to be able to talk with your linguistic psychology staff. They could probably tell me a lot. If I were to be accepted into your program, I'd be sure to put your name in my acknowledgements. I'm also interested in getting a scholarship, if you are offering any for next year. With scholarship money, I would be able to also extend my research from the theoretical to the practical, establishing a civic education project with the local school board to work with adult students for whom Statement of Purposes are a real nuisance but they need them. In this way, I could extend the scope of my paper to include practical analyses as well, with a concentration on success rates of various methodologies.
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Upon completion of this project, if I can finish it, I intend to return to my home country. There is a real need for the type of information my results will provide. My thesis will be of great interest to the government and maybe they will give me a lot of money for it Anyway, I eventually want to work for the Ministry of Education, with the aim to restructure English writing programs, a restructuring which should facilitate great positive change for the underprivileged in the urban areas there.
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